Who Will Dave Cole Pick This Sunday?

One of the big unknowns going into Beyond Wrestling’s “Charade Charity Chowdown” this Sunday, November 4th, is who Dave Cole will pick as his tag partner when he squares off against JT Dunn and Mark Shurman. Not too long ago, “The Juice” and “The Sure Thing” would have been accompanied by Jon Harder – ranting and raving about “professionalism” by the apron. With the disbanding of the Professional Revolution at “All Aboard” a few weeks ago (because of Jon Harder once again sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong), Dunn and Shurman are going to be on their own. Thanks to a history of dupes, double-crosses, and deception, the list of people looking to get a piece of Dunn and Shurman could read like a “who’s-who” of the Beyond Wrestling roster.

Let’s go all the way back to last November’s “Crises Precipitates Change” studio taping to see where some of this bad blood originated. Jon Harder and JT Dunn collaborated in tricking the easily persuaded Steve “The Turtle” Weiner into thinking he needed a manager for his match later that night against Dunn. Weiner, being none the wiser, was helpless as Harder turned on him in favor of Dunn. It was that night when Dunn joined the ranks of Harder’s burgeoning faction.

The controversy surrounding the Professional Revolution carried on into 2012 at the “Off The Grid” live event in February. After losing to the Super Smash Bros., Harder’s faction proceeded to interfere at the conclusion of the main event match between Dan Barry and Johnny Cockstrong’s later in the evening. What followed was nothing short of a mugging at the hands of the Professional Revolution. The big surprise here was the debut of the Revolution’s newest disciple, “The Sure Thing” Mark Shurman. The chaos continued throughout the weekend, with the newly bolstered squad attacking Dan Barry’s Team TREMENDOUS stable mates, Ken Scampi and Bill Carr.

From that point on, it has been a slow downward spiral for the Professional Revolution. An impromptu grudge match pitting JT Dunn and Mark Shurman against the team of Dan Barry and the former #1 Ranked Johnny Cockstrong resulted in a loss for Harder’s group at the “Burst The Bubble” live event in May. Despite an otherworldly performance by JT Dunn at July’s “Swamp Sessions” live event, the Processional Revolution’s victory was tainted due to the meddlesome Jon Harder. The infighting and hostilities which have plagued to group came to a head at September’s “Armory Amore,” when Dunn demanded the Professional Revolution leave ringside for his match against former mentor Dave Cole. Ignoring his request, Jon Harder weaseled his way back to ringside to claim Dunn’s victory for the Professional Revolution. History will remember “All Aboard” as the end of the Professional Revolution, as the team of JT Dunn, Mark Shurman, Leon St. Giovanni, and Max St. Giovanni lost to Team TREMENDOUS and Tim Hughes in an elimination match, forcing Harder’s faction to disband for once and for all.

With JT Dunn and Mark Shurman now able to forge their own path, this brings us back to the original question: who will Dave Cole pick as his partner? He certainly has quite an array of competitors to choose from. Will he go with Steve Weiner, allowing Turtle to get the revenge against his former friend, JT Dunn? Could we see the return of J-Busta, Dave Cole’s regular tag team partner for a number a years? Perhaps he’ll pick one of the members of Team TREMENDOUS, who surely would love to get in the ring and rub some salt in the wounds from the events that transpired in Deer Park, NY. Needless to say, “The Psychedelic Warrior” Dave Cole has quite the decision to make this Sunday in Bridgewater, MA… if Jon Harder hasn’t already made it for him.

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