Blog – Aiden Hallows

1) Introduce yourself:

I’m God’s Favorite Wrestler, Aiden Hallows. I’ve been in the wrestling business for about 5 years. I was trained by “Diamond” Dan Garza and Truth Martini. I’ve wrestled for multiple promotions in Michigan and Indiana but right now my main focus is AWWL in Michigan ( I think that casual fans and “smart” fans alike can appreciate the repertoire I’ve assembled. I didn’t get into pro wrestling for the dance moves or acrobatics. I like to fight. I hit hard and I dump my opponents on their heads, but I can take the high risks when I have to.

2) What does “Pop Culture” mean to you?

Well, being a man that knows quite a bit about “pop,” I’d have to say Pop Culture is whatever is in the back of your mind throughout the day; no matter how old you are or who you like or what you watch. You can’t help but “rent space” in your mind to these things. I hope that when people watch Beyond Wrestling, it stays with them, just like Lady Gaga, Inception, or whatever it is that compells the masses on any given day.

“God’s Favorite Wrestler” Aiden Hallows

3) What are your goals in wrestling?

I want to put asses in seats. I want to beĀ the reason that fans come out and spend ten dollars to watch professional wrestling.

4) What do you like best about Beyond Wrestling?

At Beyond Wrestling, you’re not being held back by the politics or the promoters. To me, wrestling is equal parts artistic pursuit and masochistic obsession. At Beyond Wrestling, I know I can create art and have a knock-down brawl during the same match. Beyond Wrestling is a constant reminder of why I got trained and why I love this sport.

5) Are you pleased with the outcome of your match from “Pop Culture?”

I’m not as pleased with the outcome as I am with the fact that I got to showcase my talents. I got to have a competetive match with one of my closest friends and two other really talented guys. We killed each other in that match. There was striking, high flying, innovation and chaos. The perfect storm…


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