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[Behind The Scenes Episode #1: The Arrivals] Sugar Dunkerton refuses to pay child support, Hailey Hatred forms and alliance with The Pitboss, Jarek 1:20 reveals his space heater scam, Darius Carter has too much energy, Dan Barry wants to look at weird titties, and KJ Crush forgets his gear in Sandusky.

[Behind The Scenes Episode #2: Warming Up] Chase Burnett explains the “Pajama Pants Theory,” KJ Crush abandons his ring gear, Major Money’s parents know he’s gay, Evan Gelistico spits in people’s mouths, Jonny Mangue plays DJ, Pinkie Sanchez channels Japanese wrestling legends, and Fredo Majors makes a guest appearance.

[Behind The Scenes Episode #3: Magic Tricks] As the fans filled the lobby before doors opened for “Back in Flesh,” they were treated to a free magic show courtesy of Jarek 1:20. Here are some of the highlights.

[Behind The Scenes Episode #4: Showtime] Jarek 1:20 steals from Sugar Dunkerton, KJ Crush does Jarek 1:20’s mom, Pinkie Sanchez has his mind blown and then lip syncs, Dave “The Potato” gets bullied into setting up the world’s biggest table for RD Evans, Davey Vega justifies his actions, TJ Marconi discusses his skin condition, Team TREMENDOUS are NOT happy about Uhaa Nation, and Tony Thunder misses his cue.

[Behind The Scenes Episode #5: Backstage] Jarek 1:20 compliments Russ Myers, TJ Marconi photo bombs Aeroform and Sex Bob-Ombs, Dan Barry has to take a shit, Nick Talent is handsome, Darius Carter is beautiful, Jack Verville applies Icy Hot *everywhere* (wink, wink), Jonny Mangue has an out of body experience.

[Behind The Scenes Episode #6: Reactions] AR Fox astounds the other wrestlers, Sugar Dunkerton calls the action, RD Evans introduces and breaks the biggest table in wrestling history, Pinkie Sanchez wants to see a fight, Louis Lyndon gives Jonny Mangue advice for his match against Davey Richards, Darius Carter spits at TJ Marconi, and the fans of Cleveland, Ohio resort to foul language to describe the awesomeness of Beyond Wrestling live.