Blog – Sugar Dunkerton

Nice to see everyone doing so well.

I feel like I’m always on Twitter shouting out a new success for my peers. Title won. New booking. New achievement.

That’s well and good….

….just noticing I don’t have a ton of my own to shout for myself, let alone anyone else to do it for me. It especially becomes a bit more glaring when I think about JUST how fragile life can be after the incident with Charade; the very reason we’re gonna be gathering in Bridgewater, MA on Nov 4th.

I’ve put a lot of smiles on faces and made a ton of people smile. However, I find myself haunted. A single thought beating against my skull with the force of a jackhammer. If it all ended today; is that all I gave? No grand match or achievement; just some ha-ha moments and a hairstyle. Nobody’s gonna remember Sugar D: 1st Round Tournament Loser. Or Sugar D: Never Announced Match Wrestler. Or Sugar D: Cheerleader for Classic Aaron Epic Matches.

God, that’s a little annoying to type.

I don’t like how it’s laid out for your boy. I suppose I need to fix that. Soon.

Very soon; before I don’t have any time to change what “legacy” I have.

Tick tock.

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