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Direction. Focus.

These are the two things I have struggled with the most for the past three years in Beyond Wrestling. Roughly a year ago I thought that was finally under control when Mark Angel and I formed The Academy. The focus was found. The direction was to systematically dismantle the Beyond Wrestling roster and sit atop the rankings. This is exactly what we did, until my neck injury came back to haunt me and my in ring career was paused.

I continued to support Mark; never missing a single event, always there to support and assist my “partner”. It was with that assistance that Mark was able to become the Beyond Wrestling points leader, although he will tell a different story. What happened from there leads us to the situation at hand. I created an ego I can no longer control. Mark no longer is a team player, and I will no longer be a Mark Angel cheerleader. So, effective immediately, the Academy of Anatomy is done. I started this, I end it.

At Armory Amore I approached a man dressed in football pads that bares a striking resemblance to Mark Angel and requested a match. To no one’s surprise, Mark will not confess to dressing up in costumes, calling people nerds, or resorting to cheap shots on former partners. I will not accept this disrespect and insult to my intelligence. Mark Angel will not face Nick Talent, so Nick Talent will not face Mr. Touchdown. If you want to play games, Mark…well…you’re riding the wrong wave…

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