Blog – Johnny Cockstrong

This Saturday at Beyond Wrestling “All Aboard” in Deer Park, NY, I will face off with Dave Cole for the first time ever in a singles match. I’ve known Dave for a long time and while I respect his dedication to his craft, the path that the Psychedelic Warrior has taken is a bit troubling. Needless to say, I am not taking this match lightly. Even when Dave doesn’t have his head on straight he is one of the strongest technical wrestlers on the Beyond Wresting roster. When he’s “on” he’s practically unstoppable.

If nothing else, I’ve been able to prove to the likes of Davey Vega that technical ability alone don’t guarantee a win against a competitor like myself. I’m the least conventional wrestler in Beyond Wrestling and it has worked to my advantage. My unique style helped me become the #1 Ranked wrestler on the roster last year. After Julian Starr scored an upset victory over Mark Angel at “Coin-Op Co-Op” at the beginning of September, I find myself once again tied for the top spot in Beyond Wrestling. To the best of my knowledge, Mark Angel isn’t even scheduled to compete at “All Aboard” this weekend after his altercation with Nick Talent at “Armory Amore.”

I am only one win away from one again being the best. Nobody in Beyond Wrestling has ever been able to climb back to the top after being knocked off of that pedestal. It’s been a rough year for me. Now that I’ve been able to put the Submission Squad and RD Evans behind me, I can concentrate on moving up the ranks, and I don’t have far to go. Mark Angel is nothing but a bully. He’s lost the support of his own partners in the Academy Of Anatomy and with a win over Dave Cole this Saturday, he’ll lose his spot to a certain superhero.

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