Blog – Drew Gulak

I know where I stand. That’s something I’ve always believed and I think it holds me above most of my peers. I don’t need to lecture people on what I’ve done and what I’ve yet to do. I lead, and I lead by example.

Mark Angel is ducking me. He’s been avoiding me and hiding from me for a while now. The time will come where he has to face me again in the ring. This time it will be different. He won’t have anyone else to bail him out when he is outmatched. He’ll be alone. He might not even be the point leader by then.

I’ve dropped two losses to Mark Angel in Beyond Wrestling and it is clear to me now what the difference is between us. I know where I stand. He does not. And with his little football identity crisis that is more evident now than ever.

What makes a man different than a boy? I’ll tell you. When a man is faced with adversity he doesn’t run. When a man fails he doesn’t quit. A man never falters, not even in defeat.

The time will come where Mark Angel has to face me again in the ring. The time will come soon.

You’re on notice.

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