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Jon Harder finally gets what is coming to him. For WAY too long I have been pestered by this no name, 5th ring post and I have had enough.

What started as Harder stupidly disagreeing with a post I had made, on FACEBOOK no less, has turned into a clusterfuck of wrestlers thinking they had what it takes to take me down.

But let me break it down for you so its easier to understand. I have been at this for 12 years. I have had over a dozen broken bones. I have had several concussions. I have slept in my car, changed in a dirt floor basement while sitting on a bucket, traveled for 5 hours to wrestle on a show and get paid in pizza, and countless other endeavors to earn my title as a professional wrestler. And you, a no name hack of a manager with a 2 bit podcast thought you could walk in, slinging dick and act like you’ve been there. Jon Harder, you are a nobody.

This Saturday, I will walk right into the NYWC Sportatorium, I will mow through your cronies, and I will get my hands on each of your chins. At which point I will make an example out of you. You embody all that is wrong with wrestling. A no-name loser leading a pack of jerkoffs who expect everything to be handed to them. I’ve earned the respect of my peers in Beyond Wrestling, but you haven’t given it to me because of your bullshit revolution.

Plain and Simple. Saturday. Beyond Wrestling. I am going to make an example out of you.

Read an archived copy of Dan Barry’s “controversial” Facebook post:

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