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This has been quite the year for me so far. After falling out of the top ten on the leader board I find myself right back in the mix after a victory at “All Aboard.” Earilier in the year I had the privledge to represent Beyond Wrestlng in CHIKARA’s “Young Lions Cup X” tournament. Although I didn’t win the cup I left with a greater appreciation of the sport and know I left an lasting impression on the Chikarmy. Sooner than later I will return to a CHIKARA ring. I am a smarter competitor thanks to my experience at YLCX.

Speaking of returning to the ring, I was surprised to witness the return of one of Beyond Wrestling’s trailblazing atheletes: Chris Dickinson. I was even more shocked to see him assault TJ Marconi while I watching the remainder of Beyond Wrestling’s New York debut event from the crowd. Dickinson was not shy about speaking his mind and he bashed the direction Beyond Wrestling has taken since the last time he competed. He expects to pick up right where he left off.

I’ll gladly admit that guys like Chris Dickinson, Eric Corvis, Team Beyond, and Jefferson Saint were the guys that drew me into Beyond Wrestling. Thanks to their contributions, what started off as an underground project has becomes one of the most watched wrestling promotions on the planet. Wrestlers from across the globe have traveled to our events to test their skills against others who are just as hungry. I am more then grateful for the opportunities that Beyond Wrestling has given me. I have been granted the platform to compete to the best of my ability against the best talent on the independent scene. Beyond Wresting has made me a better wrestler.

I take great pride in working for Beyond Wrestling and I will proudly defend the honor of Beyond Wrestling anywhere I go. If that means crossing paths with Chris Dickinson at the place he helped to put on the map then so be it. I’m not afraid of a disgrunted wrestler who wants what has been taken away from him handed back on a silver platter. I have had to work for everything I have ever achieved despite countless setbacks. I am nobody’s welcome back mat and will gladly remind Chris Dickinson what it feels like to be in a Beyond Wrestling ring once again.

Be prepared to be tested, Chris.

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