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I’m scheduled for a 2/3 Falls match this Sunday, November 4th, at the “Charade Charity Chowdown.” This will be my third multiple falls match at Beyond Wrestling since May. I am currently 2-0 with two victories over Dave Cole in both of those matches – the original 2/3 Falls match at “Burst The Bubble” and the 3/5 Falls rematch at “Swamp Sessions.” I specialize in these types of matches because of my conditioning. I understand how hard it is to beat someone twice in the same match and it motivates me. I know how to work the odds in my favor. This is where my training comes into play.

Corvis, as much as I dislike him, is a hell of wrestler. He’s as sharp as they come in the ring, but my endurance and durability are better. I am going to win because I can take a beating. The longer the match goes, the more and more it will benefit me. This one will have the “big match feel” since the fans in Bridgewater, MA have already seen what I am capable of. I thrive on challenges. Even though I am the winner of the first ever “Tournament For Tomorrow” this could be my biggest match yet. Eric Corvis is someone who built Beyond Wrestling and I love Beyond Wrestling and I will fight for Beyond Wrestling. What Corvis has quickly realized is that he represents the old guard. The #KOA have continued to grow Beyond Wrestling in his absence. At the “Charade Charity Chowdown” I am going to push myself harder then I ever have. I will beat Eric Corvis. I will be one step closer to becoming the #1 ranked wrestler in Beyond Wrestling.


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